From 14/02/2020, Midasians will be able to use some newly developed functionalities of Midas Wallet and experience NFT capability of Mcashchain via the event: Finding The Other Half Of Your Heart.

Customers who install or update the Midas Wallet App during this time can participate in the event and receive prizes from Midas Wallet with a total Prize pool of 100,000 Mcash and 100,000 MCC.

The event will last until March 8, 2020 or until we have the announcement of the event.

Part 1 :
Feb 14 - Feb 21

Grow Your Love

Players will turn Lucky Wheel daily in Midas Wallet to earn Heart NFTs with various percentage indications (from 01 to 99).

During this time, earned Heart NFTs are locked and non-transferable.

Part 2:
Feb 22 - Feb 29

Challenge your Love

During this phase 2, more Heart NFTs will be released to Lucky Wheel, along with 3 other NFT types of LOVE Token.

Asset 4

NFT Diamond

Representing Happy Ending Love, which is equal to a Full Heart NFT.

Asset 2

NFT Poison

If users claim Poison NFT, they need to use Midas Wallet’s burn functionality to remove the Poison NFT from the wallet. However, Poison NFT can only be burned within 4 – 8 hours from the time it arrives in your wallet.

If you get Love Poison NFT and it stays in your wallet for more than 8 hours, all Heart and Diamond NFTs will be poisoned and thus turn valueless & non-transferable.


“Poisoned” State

  • All LOVE token belongs to the “poisoned” address will neither make transactions nor be valid to pair/receive rewards at the end of the event.
  • LOVE tokens (including Heart NFT, Diamond NFT) that are “poisoned” for more than 36 hours will not be recoverable.
Asset 10

NFT Antidote

Antidote NFT: Antidote NFT can cure poisoned NFT tokens as well as Poison NFT.

Users keep the Antidote NFT in the wallet, if the wallet has Poison NFT then both NFTs will be burned in a 1:1 ratio and remove the “poisoning” mode from LOVE tokens (including Heart NFT and Diamond NFT) at 00:00 AM; 06:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 6:00 PM UTC.

Antidote NFT can be obtained by spinning the Lucky Wheel; participating in social events or buying at NFT Market:

In phase 2, the NFT Token is still locked and cannot transfer. The transfer will be open so that everyone can exchange NFT in part 3.


Phase 3 will provide a lot of other exciting activities for users to collect Heart NFTs. And keep in mind that the NFT Heart 1, NFT Heart 20, NFT Heart 83 extremely valuable. They’re rare though, so you might encounter them only if you’re very lucky! And you need to protect them from Poison NFT!

Part 3: March 1 - March 8

Challenge your Love

In this phase, NFT Hearts will start pairing, NFT hearts that are not poisoned can:

This exchange is aimed at collecting enough Full Heart NFTs (100% pairs) (for example: NFT Heart 80 + NFT Heart 20 in one wallet).

Every 00:00 AM ; 06:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 6:00 PM (UTC), Full Heart NFTs (100% pairs) will be burned – instead, receive 1 NFT Diamond.



1 copy

NFT Heart 1:


NFT Heart 99:
1000 MCC


NFT Heart 20:
100 MCC


NFT Heart 83:

Asset 4

NFT Diamond:

Holders who own NFT Diamond will share a pool of 60,000 MCASH prizes